My textile practice is informed by my fine art background as well as textile techniques, such as Shibori. I enjoy working to a brief and generating work around a theme, usually for a specific exhibition.

Researching a topic is always fascinating and I like to spend time collecting images and materials and experimenting with the processes which will lead to the final pieces, which often take the form of garments.

Latest Work

Ceremonial Objects
Function Unknown (Autumn 2018)
Pieces developed for the exhibition ‘Cultural Patterns’, inspired by the Oceania show at the Royal Academy, London.
The Planets – Mars & Neptune
Spring / Summer 2018
Life size costumes created for exhibition and catwalk show at Morley College celebrating the centenary of the composition of Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite.
The Mermaid’s Hand
From Tradescant’s Ark of Curiosities
‘…all kinds of shells, the hand of a mermaid…’
In 1638 German traveller Georg Stirn wrote an account of John Tradescant’s exotic collection. This easy juxtaposition of objects natural and fantastical in a collection opens a window onto Tradescant’s era, where science and exploration were burgeoning, but the enlightenment had not yet taken hold. Playing with the scientific and common names of the mermaid’s accoutrements has given me scope to experiment and I hope my pieces evoke something of Tradescant’s period and its approach to collection and display.