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My textile practice is informed by my fine art background as well as textile techniques, such as Shibori. I enjoy working to a brief and generating work around a theme, usually for a specific exhibition.

Researching a topic is always fascinating and I like to spend time collecting images and materials and experimenting with the processes which will lead to the final pieces.

Latest Work

Gardening in a Changing Climate
Work for Exhibition at RHS Hyde Hall
Perennial Personal Embellishment
Hic Erat Newton
[June-July 2019]
Alchymia: Newton tried to convert base metals into precious ones by combining substances and by use of the philosopher’s stone. He thought that alchemy occurred ‘dendritically’ i.e. that tree-like growths appeared and formed the transmuted or purified metal. I noticed a parallel with the creative process, which attempts to transform raw materials into a finished product or artefact.
Ceremonial Objects
Function Unknown [Autumn 2018-Spring 2019]
Pieces developed for the exhibition ‘Cultural Patterns’, inspired by the Oceania show at the Royal Academy, London.
The Planets – Mars & Neptune
Spring / Summer 2018
Life size costumes created for exhibition and catwalk show at Morley College celebrating the centenary of the composition of Gustav Holst’s Planets Suite.


March 2022

Solo Show: Perennial Personal Embellishment | Camden Image Gallery

May 2022

Gardening in a Changing Climate | RHS Hyde Hall Group show